Piercing Information


 We use implant grade metals for all piercings.

All piercing prices include basic jewelry. We do offer jewelry upgrades for an additional price that varies depending on the piece selected.


Minor Piercings

We will pierce ages 13-17 with parental consent. We require a state issued photo ID for the minor and the parent as well as the minors birth certificate with the parent that is present listed on the document. If the minor is below driving age a non-driver ID can be obtained at the DPS office. A passport is also acceptable. School ID’s are not accepted. There are no exceptions to these rules.

Facial Piercings

Nostril: $40
Eyebrow: $40
Septum: $50
Bridge: $50
Anti-Eyebrow: $50

Ear Piercing

Standard Lobe: $40
Standard Cartilage: $40
Tragus: $40
Rook: $40
Conch: $40
Daith: $50
Industrial: $60
Anti-Tragus: $40
Snug: $40

Oral Piercings

Upper Lip: $40
Lower Lip: $40
Tongue: $50

Other Piercings

Microdermals: $50
Surface Piercings: Inquire in Person

Below The Neck

Navel: $40
Nipple(s): $40, $70 for both.
Genital: $100

Tattooing – $60+

We offer professional tattooing in a clean environment with sterile equipment. Our shop minimum starts at $60.

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Body Piercing – $40

We off professional and experienced body piercing using modern techniques and quality jewelry. Prices start at $40.

Piercing Prices

Piercings are Walk-in Only


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